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9 Tips to Protect Your Flooring During Wall Painting

How to protector the floor when you painting?

There are many people who ask this question when painting the wall, not because they don't understand how much dust or debris is on the floor, but because they are afraid of making a mess. When painting the house, why do you need to protect the floors, carpet, furniture, and appliances? If you don’t do a good job of floor surfaces protection in the early stage of decoration construction, it will cause a lot of unnecessary troubles and losses in the follow-up construction and later move-in.

Here are 9 Tips to Protect Your Flooring During Wall Painting:

1, Moved large appliances to another room

Generally speaking, everything is moved to another room before construction. When painting a house, if there are large appliances and furniture that cannot be moved, be sure to use plastic film wrap to pack them fully enclosed and place them in a location that does not affect the construction, so that paint, water stains, and dust do not occur during the painting process to dirty your furniture and appliances, and it is important to protect the items for later occupancy.

2, Prepare drop cloths to protect the surfaces

Protect the floor is the first step that needs to be taken, you need to buy some canvas drop cloths and plastic drop cloths, a canvas drop cloths is thicker can play a better cushioning, anti-skid effect, plastic drop cloths have waterproof, anti-paint leakage, you can use of two kinds, it can effectively protect the floor against moisture infiltration. The drop cloth is laid more carefully and better, it is best to cover all the edges and corners, and then fix it with masking tape, do not let the plastic drop cloths move. With the drop cloth, you’ll never have to worry about paint spilling once again. The plastic film covers the floor and traps any paints that splatter or spill. Whether you’re Painting your ceiling or painting your living room, there are always spills. Protect yourself from clean-up time by getting a pack of disposables!

3. Keep the floor dry and clean.

When decorating, the floors will inevitably have water stains and glue stains left, if water stains flow to the floor, you need to promptly replace the drop cloth in time and keep the floor dry. In order to prevent water stains glue stains again contaminate the floor. Use good plastic drop cloths, these are sure to save your floors from water, paint.

4, Separate the rooms that do not need to be decorated

Separate the rooms that don't need to be painted from those that do. Using this plastic sheet cover will help protect your investment when you go out of town or just want to paint in peace and quiet without worrying about contact between rooms, With this big size plastic sheeting, you will be able to stop the spread of dust into the room, Once the painter has finished his work in one room he can easily peel off the film in a flash, wrap up in a neat package and start on another part of the house. If some electrical appliances and furniture need to be used during construction, you can prepare a thicker plastic film.

5, Wear protective shoes cover

Give construction workers peace of mind and protection by keeping their footwear safe from paint splash. Protectors can be worn over other pairs of shoes or used alone based on your needs! Workers should work carefully in construction, They should avoid damaging the floor due to carelessness such as misstep or slipping during application of paint because it would be easy for them to damage the surface if they are not careful enough. - Very often, even slight scratches can cause serious flaws in appearance. It could also affect safety too if there is any defect on the flooring finish which comes with great risks like tripping hazards etc. But the protection of the floor is not only limited to this, some places do not cover the drop cloth, wearing shoe covers will not directly contact with the floor, reducing friction. Shoe covers need to use thicker, better quality. To prevent shoe covers breakage.

6, Clean up the rubbish in time

A day after the end of the decoration, clean the floor in time and clean up the rubbish on the ground, so as not to accumulate too much dust, After the decoration, because of too much dust, when cleaning, accidentally pollute the floor. At the same time afraid of falling nail-type sharp objects on the floor, breaking the floor. Although these will bring a lot of trouble, it is necessary to do more to protect things.

7, Tell your neighbors when you decorate

When you paint and decorate your house, it can be noisy. Let the neighbors know there is a house being redecorated, make sure the neighbors know about the chaos to come. This will keep them from sending complaints about the noise and tell their friends when it's finished!

8, close the doors and windows

after a day of renovation work, it is important that we close the doors and windows to prevent any rain, or dew from invading into the room during nighttime, it ruins your painting project, affecting the indoor temperature and humidity.

9, Move furnitures

After the room is decorated, don’t think that it is done. Now we need to pay attention to covering the edges and corners of the appliances and furniture, with a packing film, when you carrying household appliances and furniture, so as not only can avoid scuffing the floor, but also to prevent some bumping and banging when moving furniture, hurt furniture.


Decorating is not an easy job, when painting, make sure to cover all the nooks and crannies. There are problems waiting for you if you have drips around electrical sockets. Put down drop cloths, sellotape masking tape across all visible surfaces then turn into a monster that sees no wrong! Every good worker wants to protect the floor from delicate stains, scratches, and scuffs. That's why the protector the floor when you painting is a MUST. Our easily-attachable shoe cover leaves your floors unscratched while still providing protection from outside elements like rocks and debris. Take the necessary precautions so you can get back to work!