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High Silver Reflective Mylar Film - 副本

  • PHRF2001
  • SIZE: 1m x 500m
  • COLOR: Silver
  • Product description: High Silver Reflective Mylar Film Plastic Mulch Film for Agriculture
Product Description:

High Silver Reflective Mylar Film Plastic Mulch Film for Agriculture

Our plant Mylar is made of high quality VMPET, both sides are metalized, reflectivity up to 95%, maximize the growth of plants. This greenhouse reflective film cheaper and more environmentally friendly than aluminum. They can easily adhere with tape or adhesive spray, and they can be folded and easily placed in bags, cars or utility room. Durable, puncture resistant and tear resistant.

SIZE: PHRF2001 @ 1M X 500M

PHRF2002 @ 1.5M X 1000M

Available in a number of sizes,  packing and thicknesses.

Any other size can be customized, Customized Logo.





15-63micron (0.6-2.5mil)


50-500m per roll, or with piece.

Raw material



Silver, White/Silver, Black/Silver, other color acceptable


Environmentally friendly,

High tensile strength and tear resistant.


--- To High Silver Reflective Mylar Film, High Reflectivity, Keep Warm, 100% Environmentally Safe, Multifunction for Plant Growth, First Aid, Marathon, Camping, Outdoor Survival.

--- This plant reflective mulch film excellent property of transmitting solar radiation. It can make the most efficient use of your lighting by reflecting light onto your plants, perfect for using in garden or greenhouse to increase plant growth. It is very easy to use, can be cut to meet different needs and can be
folded to store easily.

--- Reflective mylar film can not only effectively promote plant growth in and out of the room, but can be used as a first aid blanket in some emergencies, such as marathon, camping, outdoor survival sports. The special warmth function allows them to be used in cold places such as walls.

--- Silver reflective mylar absolutely meet the needs of handmade lovers, they can even be used as paper-cut shining in the sun.

---This Mylar mulch film is made of high-quality VMPET and both sides are metalized for optimum reflectivity. Our film is also PET coated to resist corrosion and wear. Our product is used in indoor gardens to reflect the light back to the plants and to increase the growth of the plants without adding extra lighting.